Should I Lie About My Dating Profile on The UK Sugar Mummy Site?

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Lying is a common technique used by people on online dating platforms to attract their match. And in most cases, it does work. This trend emerged because of the fact that most of the users active on dating sites make their searchers based on social desirability (height, weight, income and so on) and with lies, the probability of going on real date increases to a dramatic extent.

But, there’s a catch to this: what would you do when lies are caught? Will the partner still want to date the real you?. This is what brings us to the ultimate question: will lying on the dating profile of the sugar mummy site in the UK be worth it? Too many questions and way too much confusion!

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Let’s try to break the answers in a systematic manner so that you are able to take a wise decision.

Top Things That Users Lie About on Dating Profile

There are three things that both men and women lie about and these are described below:

1. Height

The society can become tough on the men with short height. This somehow creates a feeling within them that they will never be able to find a match if their true height is revealed. As a result of which, they end up lying on their profile. The similar situation is seen in the case of women who are either too tall or short. This point is not just about issues associated with height, rather everyone dating online must be honest right from the initial phase and cast the net a bit wider for giving a chance to the matches who wouldn’t usually date them to make them realize how great you can be as a partner.

2. Status

It does not only lie about appearances, but there are also lies showcased about financial status or income too. But, it should be noted that these don’t really make a sense. Your date might just end up discovering the truth at some point or the other and that is when the UK sugar mummies might resent you. Further, the mummies will analyze the fact that lying on status means you are insecure or don’t value the power of honesty.

3. Weight

Weight remains to be a major self-esteem issue among adults and children. There are times when people post their thinnest picture of in order to be accepted by the sugar mummies. Again, being truthful here is the mantra. Because no one feels good about lying oneself, so why do that for sugar mummy dating in the UK? Be yourself and work on transforming your body into what any sugar mummy would crave for.

What Are The Consequences of Lying on Sugar Mummy Dating Sites?

Lying at first might seem to be the safest thing to do while dating sugar mummy in the UK, but it does come with adverse consequences and here are some of them:

  • You declare yourself as a liar: Being dishonest about the profile portrays that you are a deceitful individual. Though your date may not be able to notice that at the first look if you are going, to tell the truth later i.e. on the first date or if she finds it out then this would indicate your lack of integrity and honesty.
  • You become insecure: Desperation and insecurity are the aftereffects of lying. Instead of going for lies, be happy about the kind of person that you are and look for sugar mummies who would want to date you. Confidence can be sexy, instead of masking your true side underlies, remain excited about what the dating site has to offer.

Being truthful about who you are, is not just beneficial for your partner- but for yourself too. However, presenting lies on the dating site will be a wise decision is a matter of expectations that you have from the date.

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