How to flirt with sugar mummies in the UK

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If you are looking to hook sugar mummies in the UK, there are a few flirting skills that you have to pick up to be successful. You will find many a sugar mummy site where you can spend time flirting with sugar mummy, but that is a waste of both time and effort if you do not know the tricks of the trade. Here are a few pointers that will be of help to you in your quest.

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Work hard at your game

The fact is well accepted that older women are much more easygoing and fun to be with than their younger counterparts. It is also true that they do not have the time to waste on sweet nothings that a teenager might be interested in. You have to remember that they have a great deal of experience when it comes to relationships with men and life in general, so you have to make the effort to appear mature and composed when you are with them.


If you need some tutoring on particular life habits like communication skills, eating habits or style of dressing, by all means, go for it. It will be a worthwhile investment. If you think that any habit of yours needs to be amended or fixed, do so in haste. There is no time better than now to rig yourself up with the requisite skills and essentials. There are many sources like fashion magazines, books and of course the internet, where you can learn from.  The more groomed you are, the more attraction and magnetism you will exude, making you an irresistible catch for any sugar mama.


It is a very good idea, to be honest about yourself right from your first date. This will set the ground for a meaningful relationship. And on top of it, your sugar mama is going to really appreciate it if you speak from the heart. If you find something which is distasteful, tell her so. And conversely, if you find something appealing and attractive, waste no time in telling her so. Your sugar mummy is going to love it that you call a spade a spade because they themselves are practical women with a lot of experience in many a matter.

Supporting opinions

When the two of you go out on a date, keep in mind that it is supposed to be a fun experience. You would not want to ruin it by debating endlessly over matters of small or no consequence, petty things. Your date will appreciate the fact that you agree with her on many things, which is a sign of compatibility. If you are an honest fellow, you should have no problem in charming your date. If there is any question or issue which you cannot keep quiet on, buck up and let her know of it. Your honesty will set the ground for a more meaningful relationship.

Confidence is the key

Even if you have never gone out with a sugar mummy, act as though you are a seasoned professional. DO not let your nervousness and hesitant feelings show. You will find yourself quickly slipping into the garb of a seasoned veteran as she opens up to you and starts to get intimate with you. Again, there is a fine line between confidence and over-confidence, and this requires a lot of practice. Act mature during the course of the date and do not behave like a kid. One tried and tested method over the ages is to be a good listener; listen with attention to what she has to say without interrupting her, and then answer in an honest manner, without hurting her sentiments or making pushy comments.

Make momma happy

One of the reasons why a sugar mummy is with you, a young fellow, is because she wants to have a good time. This can be interpreted as a good company both outside and inside bed sheets. Act naturally around her, without trying too hard, and soon you will have your sugar mummy eating out of your hands. When it gets to the sex part, let her lead the conversation and the way, because sooner or later, she is bound to bring it up. Do not force the pace but sit back and enjoy being seduced by an older woman who knows all the tricks.

Do not be desperate

It is important that you do not come across as a sex-starved individual, ready to grab and nail any woman who comes along. It will speak volumes about yourself if you learn the art of restraint. All good things come to those who wait, and your case is no different.

Once you have found your dream sugar mummy, do everything in your power to keep her satiated and happy, and the rewards will be ample.

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