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Should I Lie About My Dating Profile on The UK Sugar Mummy Site?

Lying is a common technique used by people on online dating platforms to attract their match. And in most cases, it does work. This trend emerged because of the fact that most of the users active on dating sites make their searchers based on social desirability (height, weight, income and so on) and with lies, the probability of going on real date increases to a dramatic extent.

But, there’s a catch to this: what would you do when lies are caught? Will the partner still want to date the real you?. This is what brings us to the ultimate question: will lying on the dating profile of the sugar mummy site in the UK be worth it? Too many questions and way too much confusion!

sugar mummy with young boy at Oxfordshire

Let’s try to break the answers in a systematic manner so that you are able to take a wise decision.

Top Things That Users Lie About on Dating Profile

There are three things that both men and women lie about and these are described below:

1. Height

The society can become tough on the men with short height. This somehow creates a feeling within them that they will never be able to find a match if their true height is revealed. As a result of which, they end up lying on their profile. The similar situation is seen in the case of women who are either too tall or short. This point is not just about issues associated with height, rather everyone dating online must be honest right from the initial phase and cast the net a bit wider for giving a chance to the matches who wouldn’t usually date them to make them realize how great you can be as a partner.

2. Status

It does not only lie about appearances, but there are also lies showcased about financial status or income too. But, it should be noted that these don’t really make a sense. Your date might just end up discovering the truth at some point or the other and that is when the UK sugar mummies might resent you. Further, the mummies will analyze the fact that lying on status means you are insecure or don’t value the power of honesty.

3. Weight

Weight remains to be a major self-esteem issue among adults and children. There are times when people post their thinnest picture of in order to be accepted by the sugar mummies. Again, being truthful here is the mantra. Because no one feels good about lying oneself, so why do that for sugar mummy dating in the UK? Be yourself and work on transforming your body into what any sugar mummy would crave for.

What Are The Consequences of Lying on Sugar Mummy Dating Sites?

Lying at first might seem to be the safest thing to do while dating sugar mummy in the UK, but it does come with adverse consequences and here are some of them:

  • You declare yourself as a liar: Being dishonest about the profile portrays that you are a deceitful individual. Though your date may not be able to notice that at the first look if you are going, to tell the truth later i.e. on the first date or if she finds it out then this would indicate your lack of integrity and honesty.
  • You become insecure: Desperation and insecurity are the aftereffects of lying. Instead of going for lies, be happy about the kind of person that you are and look for sugar mummies who would want to date you. Confidence can be sexy, instead of masking your true side underlies, remain excited about what the dating site has to offer.

Being truthful about who you are, is not just beneficial for your partner- but for yourself too. However, presenting lies on the dating site will be a wise decision is a matter of expectations that you have from the date.

Dirty Talks You Should Try With Sugar Mummies

Every relationship demands spice and fire in and out of the bedroom and its one of the best ways to keep sex interesting and fun. Without a doubt, dirty talks are one of the best ways to ignite that passion and get your cougar laid for a sexy night. However, you need to realize that dating sugar mummies are not the same as traditional dating. This is where you have to master the art of dirty talking and get it right on time so that things move just the way you’ve planned.

sugar mummy

Ways To Begin Dirty Talks With Sugar Mummies

Before revealing the dirty talks that you can have with the sugar momma, let’s know more about how exactly to begin the story.

1. Always Start With Flirting

Never initiate a dirty talk at once, rather build the moment by flirting and teasing your momma while you get along with each other. Ask them whether they remember the first time you both met or other questions associated to such topics and this will help you understand whether it is the right time to play the game of pleasure taking or not.

2. Go With Erotic Conversations

Create fantasy situations to showcase your sugar momma love and then ask them what would they do in such a scenario. For instance, you can ask what would she would if you came into the room drunk wearing absolutely nothing. Your imagination can run wild and the partner’s mind is going to follow.  Further, while having these conversations always describe the actions, when you are lying on the bed and talking with each other, talk about the various things that you anticipate to do before making it happen.

3. Build Her Fantasies

A common misconception that most the people have is: in case of sugar mummy dating things can get awkward with dirty talking. Fortunately, the reality is far from that. Many older women love the fact when you make her go crazy for you. You can ask her about the fantasies that she has in her mind, visualize them together and indulge in the foreplay.

Dirty Talks That Will Lead You To The Horny Way!

Now, that you are aware of the elements that can be considered when you aspire to initiate dirty talks, the next is to practice the right talks that will get her aroused and do the magic in no time. Again while doing this there are certain tips that you can follow:

  • Sexy voice: Talks that turn her on is not only what matters, the way you say them is equally important. You can whisper in her ears gently, and tell her how beautiful she is, adore her body and let the game of dirty words begin.
  • Use passionate words: Never ever be biological when you are referring to the sensuous parts of the body. This is because the dirtier will be the name that you use the more will be its impact.
  • The moans and gasps: It’s not only words that can be dirty and sexy. Moaning, gasping, heavy breathing and the slapping sound can be just as dirty as any sexy words. Here, you need to understand what your sugar momma loves the most and then frame your dirty talking according to that.
  • Be spontaneous: Don’t think too much while phasing the dirty talks, think what you’re feeling and do it right. If there is anything that is arousing you, let it come out naturally and if you hold your thoughts back thinking that it’s sugar mummy dating then things can fall out of place.

The Most Positive Things About Dating A Sugar Mummy In London

If you are looking for dating sugar mummy in London, you should know some of the advantages associated with it, or benefits if you may call it that. A sugar mummy dating in the UK will have quite an impeccable grasp and knowledge of style, be voluptuous in her demeanor and be open and free with her choices. Young men dating UK sugar mummies have it really good and here’s why;

voluptuous sugar mummy


When you’re dating a young woman, she will be demanding in time and also might have frequent arguments because you do not get much time together. However, a cougar woman is different. They entice and allure young men with their obscene amounts of wealth in exchange for companionship. Generally, cougars have a mutual understanding of each other’s time and requirements and thus the arrangement and relationship work smoothly. A young woman might be after you for marriage, but a cougar has probably been through a marriage, seen her kids grow and would understand the pressures and demands of marriage. She will encourage a fun and carefree lifestyle for you and not pester you for a lifetime commitment.

High levels of maturity

A cougar will not mind if you forget her birthday or do not send her roses on Valentine ’s Day, she is mature and knows that there are many things that can occupy a person’s mind. You can say goodbye to unnecessary female trivialities with her. She will give you adequate amounts of space and will also not interfere with your work.  Sugar mummy realizes that a man also needs time alone to himself. They will also be assertive and have great levels of maturity. Also, interestingly, a sugar mummy is capable of holding you in such a manner that she gets her way without much fuss or tantrums from you. And if there is friction in the relationship, you can choose to walk away from it because it’s not bonded labor, just a relationship.


This is an invaluable asset in dating a sugar mummy in London. If you’re a young man seeking a job, a woman of your age with the same qualifications would stand greater chances of being hired over you. Being with a cougar gives you unfettered access to her high-level friends and contacts in the professional world. There have been people who have leveraged this opportunity successfully to get rewarding contracts and capital for good business ideas. And there’s nothing better if you work in the same industry because she can literally pull the right strings and make you rise swiftly. Again, for an entrepreneur or an artist, starting out with a business idea can be tough because of capital issues. In this case, if they have a relationship with a sugar mummy and can create the business while still in the relationship, then even if you fall out later, you’ll have a soft landing.


There’s no denying the fact that cougars are mad after sex. The only reason they hook up with you is that you give them a good time in bed. Foreplay is very important for cougars and in the bedroom, they are the undisputed mistresses. They will teach you tricks that a high school cheerleader will take years to master and adapt to. You will learn a lot from a cougar about sex, naturally, because of her experience.

Besides these, a cougar will also share her life experiences with you, making you a wiser man in the process. Take her advice when it is needed and you’ll also have a good counselor.

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How Can You Find A Sugar Mummy While Traveling In The UK

If you’re traveling and you want to find a sugar mummy in the UK, then you need to make sure that you are committed to the cause because it will require some amount of effort. Sugar mummy dating in the UK has picked up quite a fair bit in the recent years and nowadays it is not unusual to spot a cougar with her cub.

single UK sugar mummy

You can surf through advertisements all you like, but if you want a taste of the real action, you need to join one of the immensely popular sugar mummy apps on your smartphone. This has the advantage that you would be connected to the website all the time and can get in touch with willing cougars.  There are quite a lot of websites that cater to sugar mummy relationships but you need to do your research first and then decide, because most of these websites will charge you a subscription fee, monthly, quarterly or annually. After you get the website, you should concentrate on the profile. Include good and interesting photographs of yourself and try to avoid headshots because they do not tend to come out well. Also, add fun and interesting things that you like doing and any hobbies that you may have.

It is always advisable to invest in a sugar mummy website that caters to the international clientele. This way, once you land up in the UK, you can get in touch with the cougars you know in London. Needless to say, you will have to chalk out your schedule meticulously so as to accommodate as many sugar mommies that you can find while you’re in London. Remember that she is likely to be a married person and will be technically cheating on her husband, but, all is fair in the sugar mummy game. You can arrange to meet in a restaurant or a public spot because it’s most likely that you’re meeting each other for the first time.

Introduce yourself and try to act like a gentleman, and by that, I mean opening doors and pulling back chairs. Manners count a great deal when you’re in London and are appreciated by one and all. It would be good if you offer to pay for dinner because this is not a ‘regular’ meeting, you are meeting for the first time probably and that is reason enough. After dinner is done, it is time for business as the two of you head to a love shack to have sex.

Sugar mummies can kill for a good session of sex, and you should rise to her expectations. It is no secret that a woman loves foreplay because she reaches climax a lot later than a man. It is no different with sugar mummies and they prefer to lie back in bed with a wine glass in hand as you go down on her nether regions. Make it long and make it count. As you have her moaning with pleasure, she’ll beg you for more. This is the essence of a cougar relationship.

On the other hand, if you just want to try your luck, you can land up at any of London’s posh pubs, which are frequented by the rich and powerful. You’ll find sugar mummies here on the prowl as well. Women have subtle signature moves to show a man that she’s interested, and if you’re smart enough to pick them up, you’re in for a good time. Ask her if you can buy her a drink and take it from then on. It’s more than likely that you have hit the sweet spot.